Istituto Comprensivo I "Via Mariani"
Via F. Mariani, 1 – 20851 Lissone (MB)
Tel. 039 481325 – Fax 039 484353
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CM: MIIC8F400A – Codice Fiscale: 85019030155 - Codice univoco: UFPDSE
  • When did you start working here as a headmistress? I started in June 2014.
  • How many schools do you run? The comprehensive school is made up of the Secondary School Croce, two primary schools and three kindergardens.
  • Why did you choose this school? I won the state competition as a school headmistress and, as I was notified of the free schools, the schools that didn’t have any headmaster, I had a few days to decide. The Scuola Croce was available and I enquired about its characteristics. Actually, I would have liked to inform myself much better, but there was not enough time. I knew I wanted to work in the area of Monza and Brianza, where I taught for a long time before becoming a headmistress, because I knew the characteristics of the territory, the administration and the relationship between the school and the institutions.
  • How was it to go from teaching to running a school? The transition was difficult because I really liked teaching and being with the students! I struggled to enter the new role. It is very different to have the responsibility of a class and of an entire school, to make decisions related to teaching and also to the administrative part. But I like it because it is a way of being at the service of the community. Anyway I miss the relationship with the students and the educational part of the teaching and I thank you for giving me this interview. It’s a nice moment of confrontation with you guys and myself.
  • Did you have to make any sacrifices for your career? Sacrifice comes from latin “sacrum facere”, which means “to make something sacred”. In this sense, yes, because I work hard to make the school work and make it better and better. But I did not want to become a headmistress for a career, I wanted to be at the service of students and families in a different way.
  • What kind of studies did you do? I attended high school and then I graduated in Natural Sciences. I won the state competition as a teacher for Mathematics and Natural Sciences and then the state competition as a headmistress.
  • Is your work hard? Is it difficult to reconcile job and family? Work is challenging, but like all other jobs. Think about what happens in your homes, with your parents that work: I can reconcile work with the family as your mothers and fathers do. I live far away, and this is an extra difficulty, but I like what I do.
  • How is your relationship with the staff? The staff includes secretarial staff, janitors and teachers. All of them are essential for the functioning of the school. I feel good with everyone. The secretarial staff and the janitors are always available and the teachers are very active and they are committed to improving the school and themselves.
  • What criterion are the afternoon classes programmed with? It’s not me who decides; the teachers get to propose their ideas, we share them with the others and choose. The afternoon classes are needed for the students to improve their skills and also to learn how to learn. It’s what you guys have to continue to do for the rest of your life. Without giving up in front of difficulties. Next year you will start high school and you will change atmosphere, teachers, classmates. Listen to what they say to you and just do it, because you will be able to reach the top.

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